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Motivational Outreach
WE Motivational Outreach Speech Request Form

Thank you for your interest in having one of our Motivational Outreach speakers present for your school, conference, class, or community group.

The Keynote Speech consists of a 40-minute keynote presentation, followed by an optional Q&A period with the speaker.

  • Our motivational speeches inspire young people to take action on the issues they care about most, whether it be in their local community or around the world. Your students will learn about the history of WE, WE Villages, and about the WE Schools program. Speakers will share their personal stories and the issues they are passionate about. They will share stories of young people that are taking action across North America, and the communities internationally that are positively impacted by those actions. Our speakers discuss issues that young people fear are too large to tackle alone and suggest meaningful ways that youth can make an impact by demonstrating passion is action.

  • Our motivational speakers are also available for an OPTIONAL Action Planning session with your students. This workshop is ideal for a core group of 30 students who are interested in tackling issues locally or globally. Action Planning is a great tool to help young people discover social issues they are passionate about and then plan meaningful ways to act on those issues by using skills and resources at their disposal. By the end of this session, your group will be equipped with the tools they need to create a tangible positive change in their school or global community that is student run.

The Action Planning Session is an OPTIONAL 45-minute, 60-minute, or 2-hour workshop ideal for a maximum group of 30 students.

Please click continue if you would like to proceed with requesting a Motivational Speech and/or Action Planning Session. Once the form has been submitted and reviewed, we will be in contact with you to confirm.

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