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WE Schools - Allstate WE Volunteer Now Speaking Tour
Thank you for your interest in the WE volunteer now speaking tour!

In partnership with The Allstate Foundation, WE is excited to offer the WE volunteer now speaking tour. We are thrilled to be continuing this exciting initiative, which is free of charge for schools and groups, and provides students with the skills and resources they need to become agents of change within their community and around the world.

  • The Keynote Address is a 45 minute multimedia presentation for all ages (Recommended for Grade 6 and up). The keynote is open to your entire student body from your school or organization.
  • The Workshop is a fun, interactive session for up to 30 student leaders (recommended for Grade 6 and up). The session is between 2 to 3 hours in length and includes, ice breakers, learning modules on volunteerism, and action planning.

In this workshop, WE facilitators will provide the students with the skills and tools needed to become social issues ambassadors in their school and community. They will lead a session on creating action plans, which the students will later use to engage their peers in social action. Your students will be offered ongoing support and access to resources through the commitment of experienced WE staff.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, WE is able to provide speaking tour opportunities free of charge. The Allstate Foundation’s local champions and community leaders would love to attend the Speaking Tours to participate in and to see the impact that the tour makes in their communities.

As a WE School, your group will have the unique opportunity to engage with industry professionals who will support your youth to create an action plan of their choice.

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