Clean water for life

Provide one person with clean water for life.

Clean water for a family for life

Provide a family of ten with clean water for life.

Clean water for a community for life

Provide a community of 40 people with clean water for life.

School kit

Help a young learner pursue their dream of education by removing one of the most common barriers to successful education—a lack of school supplies.

Primary education for one child

Give a child access to primary education and set them on the path to success.

Outfit a classroom

Provide furniture and school supplies for an entire classroom, empowering students with a conducive learning environment.

Health care for a mom and her new baby

A healthy start is a precious gift that every child deserves. Help provide a safe place for a mother to bring her child into the world, and vital health care for her baby.

Health workshops for new moms

With this gift you provide new mothers with the training, tools and confidence to raise strong healthy children.

Community health programming and clinics

Help a community gain access to a clinic to serve their medical needs, and provide programming on how to prevent disease and illness.

One year of healthy lunches for a student

With this gift you can help a primary school student excel at their studies by fueling their nutritional needs at school.

Support development of agribusiness

With the training and tools to grow nutritious food, community members can learn to keep their families healthy and sell surplus crops to earn an income.

One year of healthy lunches for a class

With nutritious lunches to fuel their growing minds, students have the energy to focus on getting the most out of their day.

The goat that gives back

Provide a woman with the resources she needs to generate a sustainable income and provide for her family, leading to a lifetime of change.

Financial literacy training for a women's group

With financial literacy, women gain the ability and confidence needed to earn an income and support their families.

Women's empowerment circle

Empower a women’s circle with a start-up kit to help them develop entrepreneurial skills, become self-sufficient and grow as leaders.


Transformational Gifts

Kisaruni Scholarships

Secondary school scholarship

(Annual scholarship payment)Support a 4-year secondary school scholarship through annual installments of $3,000.

Four-year scholarship

(Full scholarship)Provide a full 4-year scholarship in one easy payment, supporting a learner throughout their Kisaruni journey.

Igniting Next Generation Leaders Endowment

Invest in future leaders by building on our scholarship endowment and providing scholarships in perpetuity.


International Transformational Gifts

Clean water system for a school

The gift of a well provides the tools to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for students and the school.

Build a classroom

Build a classroom to equip a generation with the skills, knowledge and confidence to create a brighter future for themselves and their community.

Empower a community

Support a WE Villages community, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty by addressing the five primary causes with holistic and sustainable solutions.


Domestic Transformational Gifts

Workshop for Indigenous youth

Give Indigenous youth the chance to participate in a workshop that will help them explore their cultural identity and develop leadership skills.

Empower a school

By investing in WE Empower Schools, you’ll be supporting a local school in your community with curriculum, educational resources and a full calendar of action campaign ideas.

Patron family for WE Day

Become a valued supporter of our WE Day events and see how we motivate youth and their families to learn about and take action on the causes that matter.