Clean Water

Help give one person clean water so they can go to school, improve their health and break the cycle of poverty.

Pipe Clean Water to a Home

Reduce the time it takes for women and girls to collect water so they can attend school and earn a livelihood.

Clean water for a family for life

Give clean water to a family, allowing them to go to school, improve their health and access healthy food.

Primary education for one child

Give a child access to primary education and set them on the path to success. Great teacher gift!

Support a girls' club

Help girls find their voice by providing our female students with the opportunity to become leaders within their schools and families.

Outfit a classroom

Provide furniture and school supplies for an entire classroom, empowering students with a conducive learning environment.

Healthy mom & baby bundle

A healthy start is a precious gift that every child deserves. Help provide a safe place for a mother to bring her child into the world, and vital health care for her baby.

Immunizations for a child

Preventative health care is essential for children. Provide vaccinations for a child to ensure they never face life-threatening illnesses.

Install a smokeless chimney

Provide a family with a safe home that is free of smoke. Chimneys improve a family’s eyesight and lung health while reducing risk of burn injuries. New this year!

Seeds of change

Plant seeds of change! Trees and plants are not only beautiful, but they provide nutritious meals, prevent soil erosion, and generate income.

Train a farmer

Help farmers increase their yields and their incomes with trainings on new techniques and local best practices. New this year!

School garden

Support the development of a school garden to provide meal supplements and teach students to sustainably grow fruit and vegetables.

The goat that gives back

Provide a woman with the resources she needs to generate a sustainable income and provide for her family, leading to a lifetime of change.

A buzzing business

Beehives are a way for families to earn an income that can help provide them with the resources they need to thrive in their community. New this year!

Farm animal bundle

Give chickens, goats, sheep, cows and other livestock to help a family earn a sustainable income.


Transformational Gifts

Transformational Gifts

Support a clean water system for a school

Help a school develop into a thriving campus with flourishing gardens, agriculture programs, healthy students and fewer waterborne diseases.

Secondary School Scholarship

(Annual payment) Provide a full scholarship by making annual payments of $3,000 for 4 years, supporting a learner throughout their Kisaruni journey.

Secondary School Scholarship

(Full payment) Provide a full four-year scholarship in one easy payment, supporting a learner throughout their Kisaruni journey.


Transformational Gifts

Build a classroom

Build a classroom in one of our WE Villages communities to equip a generation with the skills, knowledge and confidence to create a brighter future for themselves and their community.

Empower a school

Invest in WE Schools and support a school in your community with an experiential service-learning curriculum, educational resources and a calendar of action campaign ideas.

Workshop for Indigenous youth

Give local Indigenous youth the chance to participate in a workshop that will help them explore their cultural identity and develop leadership skills.