COVID-19 support

COVID-19 response: Training & supplies for medical workers

Equip medical staff with the essential supplies and resources to protect themselves and respond to COVID-19 in their communities.

COVID-19 response: Training for community members & families

Provide health and sanitation training for community members, ensuring they are equipped to keep themselves and their families safe.

COVID-19 response: Provide a family with a kitchen garden

Help a family stave off COVID-19 by boosting immune systems and ensure people are strong and healthy.


Gifts for $50 and under

School supplies

Provide a students with essentials like pencils, notebooks and a uniform: the tools they need to succeed in class.

Seeds of change

Provide a farmer with seeds for their farm, ensuring they can grow nutritious food for their families and enabling them to earn an income.

The goat that gives back

Provide a woman with the resources she needs to generate a sustainable income and provide for her family, leading to a lifetime of change.


Girl power gifts

Access to clean water

Give clean water to help girls go to school and families to improve their health and break the cycle of poverty.

Support a girls club

Give a school the resources to set up a girls club, helping young girls build confidence and find their voice as leaders in their school and community.

Financial literacy training for women

Provide women with financial and business training, helping empower them to earn a sustainable income and build their savings. New this year!


Heartwarming gifts

Immunizations for a child

Preventive health care is essential for children. Provide vaccinations for a child to ensure they never face life-threatening illnesses.

Healthy mom & baby bundle

Help provide a safe place for a mother to bring her child into the world, and vital health care for her baby.

Farm animal bundle

Give chickens, goats, sheep, cows and other livestock to help a family earn a sustainable income.


Transformational Gifts

Gifts that help a community grow

Train a farmer in the face of food shortages

Help farmers increase their yields and ensure communities maintain access to food keeping families secure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support a community health worker

Support a community health worker provide essential preventative services to individuals and families, keeping them safe and healthy during the pandemic.

Protect a family from COVID-19

Provide a mother with the tools and resources needed so she can help protect herself and her family from COVID-19.


Gifts that create sustainable change

Mobile health clinic

Help provide direct access to health care services like screening, basic treatment and preventive care, health education programs and referrals for further care. New this year!

Clean water system for a school

Help a school develop into a thriving campus with flourishing gardens, agriculture programs, healthy students and fewer waterborne diseases.

Build a classroom

Fund the construction of a new classroom, helping equip a generation to create a brighter future for themselves and their community.