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WE Walk for Water Language: English Français UK
Water + Walk = Change

We are the generation that believes in access to clean water for all.

Sign up for WE Walk for Water and join WE’s largest global fundraiser on May 10 to walk in solidarity with schools around the world to support all the women and children who walk hours each day to get water.

By fundraising for WE Villages water pillar you provide children with the opportunity to go to school, improved health conditions for families and access to clean water for life.

Join today and commit to organizing a water walk to inspire positive change in your students and create transformational change within our WE Villages communities with the money you have raised.

When you sign up, you will receive a WE Walk for Water resource package. This package will help you learn about waters issues, set your fundraising goal, and plan your Walk Event!

Here’s a few inspiring resources that will be included in your package:

- How to organize a walk

- Fundraising ideas

- Water lesson plans

- Posters

- And much more

Get Started:

1. Sign up below using your WE Code

2. Set a goal.

3. Start fundraising.

Every individual that fundraises $25 impacts one person with access to clean water for life.

4. Organize your walk!

5. Event day - Walk on May 10, 2019.

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