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Advocacy + Silence = Impact

We are the generation that believes every child should know their rights, have their rights upheld and their voices heard so that youth feel empowered to challenge practices that diminish human rights to create a better future for everyone.  

WE Are Silent is a youth led movement that is designed to amplify children’s voices that go unheard worldwide. This fundraising initiative will support the Education Pillar and help children in our WE Villages partner communities go to school. By improving access to education, children around the world will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills they need to empower themselves and their communities to speak up about their rights.

Join today and commit to going silent to advocate and amplify children’s struggles that go unheard. By participating you will inspire positive change in your students and create transformational change within our WE Villages communities with the money you have raised. 

When you sign up, you will receive a WE Are Silent resources package. This package will help you learn about children’s rights, set your fundraising goal, and plan your vow of silence event! 

Here’s a few inspiring resources that will be included in your package:

• Educator Handbook

• Student Fundraising Toolkit

• Poster, buttons, stickers

• Classroom lesson packages

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