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WE Rise Above Grant
This year TELUS and WE are supporting WE Schools groups and youth across Canada to make a greater impact around the issue of cyberbullying and bullying.

Thanks to support from TELUS, we are giving away grants to school groups and youth that have identified compelling ways they plan to promote anti-bullying online and in their community. This grant is intended to help you enhance your action plan and social impact.

The grant winners will be chosen based on:

  • The detailed description of your anti-bullying action plan
  • The impact your action plan will have on the issue in your community
  • The vision for how the grant will help you take action
  • Each grant is worth $2000 and will be awarded to 10 winning applicants, to assist them in enhancing their anti-bullying action plan.

    How do I apply to win?

    • Download the WE Rise Above Campaign Guide at WE.org/WERiseAbove

    • • Use the resources and activities provided to plan your anti-bullying action at WE.org/WERiseAbove

    • Apply for the grant by clicking below

      For more information connect with your WE Schools Program Manager or reach out to us at [email protected].

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